How we engage and our pricing model

Our approach is based on two principles:

• Clients need help in finding new qualified sales opportunities, that can be handed over to their sales team at the optimum time. The right time to do this can vary extensively between clients.

• Every project we undertake is unique, as are the clients we work with.

At the planning stage of a new project, we spend time gaining an understanding of all the variables that could have an impact (positive or negative), on the results achieved. A few of the topics we might cover:

• What are the client objectives for the project?
• How have these been set, e.g. based on previous similar experience?
• How accurate is the contact data, has it been used previously and if so, to what effect?
• Can we set up a test phase to see how it works across a subset of accounts?
• How clear is our positioning – is the campaign messaging specific and differentiated?
• Who is the target contact?  What are they measured on? How does your solution help?

Once we have worked through the planning phase and agreed the deliverables, timeline and reporting process, we will schedule the work and get started.

It might make sense to start with a small pilot, so that both sides can get to grips with the specifics of what we are dealing with. It has often proved worthwhile to test an idea on a small subset of accounts or sectors etc and then make final adjustments based on the outcome.

Our vast experience in new business sales has proved invaluable in saving clients’ time and money, by not pursuing false positives. As an example, measuring campaign success on the number of demonstrations arranged, or quotations submitted may not be any indication that a likely sale is in the pipeline. Worse still, it could also have huge opportunity cost attached as your sales people divert their attention to focus on these “hot” leads.

Our approach is based on measuring the campaign success against the buyer journey that your customers’ experience when they do business with you currently. At present, how do you encourage your prospects through the sales cycle to decision point? What could we do in the campaign to mirror that approach? In this way, when we pass a qualified lead over, your sales people will recognise it as a genuine opportunity.

Regarding our pricing model, this is based on delivering against an agreed scope of work within a set timeline for a fixed price. To clarify, we don’t provide free consultancy, work on commission only or offer a day rate option.

If you want to partner with a lead generation specialist who lives in the real world and understands that only actual sales made have an impact on bottom line, please get in touch by clicking the button below.