How doing the right things early produced 33 x more meetings



I recently observed two directly-competing organisations trying to achieve their goal: an on-going flow of qualified sales opportunities.  Each had a similar offering and were broadly targeting the same profile organisations for new business.  Both had ambitious growth plans and saw new logo / new client acquisition as a key part of achieving these. Both had marketing resources in place to help drive this growth.

Given all the similarities, you may be thinking that they achieved similar results? After all, how different can one direct competitor be to another?  The reality is that over a 12-month period, Company A identified 33 times more qualified sales opportunities than Company B. That is measured in actual face to face meetings.

Company A had a well-defined lead generation process, dedicated resources and most importantly, an absolute focus on delivering required outcomes. But even so, 33 times better?

The answer lies more in what Company B did NOT do. Did they define their ideal profile new customer? No.  Source quality data and test it? No. Develop and test the messaging? No. Decide on a mix of channels and tactics to achieve the desired coverage and penetration of ideal target customers? No.

What resonates here is the difference in approach, i.e. taking ownership with an absolute focus on delivering the required outcome to the business.


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