Category: Ideal customer profile, target market, competitive positioning

Who did you build it for?

Can you answer three simple questions about your proposition and how it aligns it to your ideal customer profile?  They are: Why this? Why us? Why now?  If not, it may partly explain low sales engagement or win rates.  Maybe even both. Why this?  Is linked specifically to the business challenges that you address with your solution. Why us?  is about your unique credibility and track record as a supplier in that space. Lastly, why now? is your in depth understanding of the circumstances that typically lead to a buying decision. This is also sometimes called a trigger event, when the prospect…

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When pausing is the best course of action

I recently met a small business owner for the first time and after explaining how our project-based sales service works, he asked “Can we close some business this month?”  On one hand, this was music to my ears. Meeting someone with clear needs and an appetite to move forward is always welcome. However, in this case there was no qualified pipeline, much less forecast- able orders, or even clear business value linked to their software. My response was that in this situation, arguably the worst thing to do is to just “get on with it”.  Unless you have your ducks lined up properly,…

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