Category: Demand or lead generation, pipeline management

How doing the right things early produced 33 x more meetings

    I recently observed two directly-competing organisations trying to achieve their goal: an on-going flow of qualified sales opportunities.  Each had a similar offering and were broadly targeting the same profile organisations for new business.  Both had ambitious growth plans and saw new logo / new client acquisition as a key part of achieving these. Both had marketing resources in place to help drive this growth. Given all the similarities, you may be thinking that they achieved similar results? After all, how different can one direct competitor be to another?  The reality is that over a 12-month period, Company A identified…

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Abundant pipeline in 3 small steps

How many buying decisions do you think are being made in your target market right now?  The fact is, in a healthy growing market, multiple buying decisions are being made every day. As a salesperson, have you ever called a prospect only to discover they have recently gone ahead with a competitor? This frustrating situation may be more common than you first thought.  It’s one thing to lose a deal to a competitor when you have been engaged with the prospect; quite another to be unaware the prospect was actively looking. It begs the question, “How effective is your demand…

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