Month: March 2016

Any ambulance chasers in your sales team?

Ever worked with a salesperson who spend the majority of their time chasing sales that are about to be closed by someone else?  These individuals are often called  ambulance chasers. There is no judgement in this article. We are all in sales and need to get the job done and the numbers in. Whatever works, keep doing it. It’s just that this approach is so high risk and there must be a better way? When the ambulance chaser hears of an “incident”, they must immediately drop what they are doing and respond. After all, the decision is imminent, so there is no…

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How doing the right things early produced 33 x more meetings

    I recently observed two directly-competing organisations trying to achieve their goal: an on-going flow of qualified sales opportunities.  Each had a similar offering and were broadly targeting the same profile organisations for new business.  Both had ambitious growth plans and saw new logo / new client acquisition as a key part of achieving these. Both had marketing resources in place to help drive this growth. Given all the similarities, you may be thinking that they achieved similar results? After all, how different can one direct competitor be to another?  The reality is that over a 12-month period, Company A identified…

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